June: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Back in action! June features some good cops, some bad cops, and some zombie cops.

June 2: No potluck.

June 9: Dead Heat (1988) — The only thing better than a dead cop is an undead cop. In this case, Joe Piscopo. Along with his partner, Joe uncovers a shady company developing a “resurrection machine.”

June 16: Maniac Cop (1988) — Directed by Bill Lustig (Maniac) and featuring Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell! A serial killer terrorizes New York City while wearing a police uniform. Or is the murderer actually a cop?

June 23: No potluck. (Show at Eli’s.)

June 30: Beverly Hills Cop (1984) — Come listen to a story ’bout a man named Axel… It’s hilarious culture clash when a Detroit cop ends up on a case in Beverly Hills. I haven’t seen this in a long time, but I think maybe in the end he finally earns the respect of his colleagues and everyone’s happy. *THIS MAY BE CANCELED DUE TO SHOW AT GILMAN.*