November: John + Kurt Forever

This month we celebrate the undying love between John Carpenter and Kurt Russell.

November 4: Escape from New York (1982) — Set in the far-off future of 1997, New York City has been turned into a maximum-security prison. When the president of the United States accidentally ends up there, it’s up to criminal/war hero/badass Snake Plissken to get him out—in exchange for his own freedom.

November 11: Big Trouble in Little China (1986) — Kurt plays truck driver Jack Burton, who has to help his friend Wang Chi rescue his fiancee from dastardly bandits and an ancient sorcerer beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown.

November 18: The Thing (1982) — Kurt Russell is among a group of scientists working in Antarctica who have to fight a mysterious, shape-shifting alien.

November 25: Escape from LA (1996) — Snake is back! This time around, an earthquake has split Los Angeles off from the continent, and the new president decides to use it as (surprise) a penal colony. Then there’s something about a terrorist group and a doomsday device, I dunno, the important thing is that Snake somehow ends up on another prison island and has to escape from it.