July: I Was a Teenage …

Teenagers can be real monsters….muah ha ha ha ha! 

Seriously, though, this month features four movies about adolescence, young love, and the pain of being an outsider. And, y’know, werewolves. And witches. Also zombies and vampires.

July 1: NO POTLUCK. Go to Sabrina’s birthday party at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco!

July 8: Teen Wolf (1985)—Michael J. Fox is just your average, run-of-the-mill teenage werewolf basketball player. If folks are up for it, perhaps we can watch the sequel with Jason Bateman as a boxing werewolf in college!

July 15: My Boyfriend’s Back (1993)—Johnny gets himself killed trying to win over the cutest girl in school, but he soon comes back from the dead to get a second chance. Missy sticks by her new boyfriend despite bullies’ taunts, small-town prejudice … and his recent craving for human flesh. 

July 22: NO POTLUCK. Yosef’s birthday dinner, location TBD.

July 29: The Lost Boys (1987)—The best teen vampire movie, ever. I probably listened to the soundtrack about a thousand times in high school.