December: Let’s Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas!

Don’t worry—there are still more Christmas-themed horror movies to come. But let’s take a little break this year and have a Patrick Swayze Christmas instead.

December 4: Youngblood (1986)— Sexy farm boy Rob Lowe wants to be a pro hockey player, and ends up on a minor-league team with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

December 11: Road House (1989)— Martial artist. Bouncer. Philosopher. The Swayz’ at his finest.

December 18: Next of Kin (1989)— Patrick Swayze is a Chicago cop looking for justice after his brother is killed by the mob. Will he stick to the side of the law, or take the side of his hick brother (Liam Neeson) in delivering some extralegal vengeance? Hicksploitation in the big city!

December 25: Red Dawn (1984)— Patrick Swayze leads a group of high-school kids in fightin’ the Commies when Russia invades their small town. NO POTLUCK. Instead, we’ll have a traditional Jewish Christmas at Great Wall Chinese. (More details to come.)


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