November: Turkey Terrors

This month’s theme honors our national holiday celebrating colonial genocide and the roasting of dead birds. Yay!

11/6: ThanksKilling (2009) — “Gobble gobble, motherfucker!” Yes, it’s a horror movie about a killer turkey. Since this was only made a few years ago, following our past experiences at potluck I fear that this may be too terrible even for us…we’ll see.
11/13: Blood Freak (1972) — Oh, Blood Freak. What can I say about this movie, except that it’s a sordid tale of drug abuse, turkey farming, and blood drinking. To say any more would spoil it. Don’t miss this one, seriously.
11/20: Bloody Bird (aka Stagefright) (1987) — OK, so there are no turkeys in this one…but there is a serial killer with an owl mask hacking up a bunch of actors. Michele Soavi (Cemetery Man) directs his first feature film.
11/27: Home Sweet Home (1981) — A mental patient escapes on Thanksgiving and wrecks a family’s holiday. Nothing wrong with an 80s slasher about Thanksgiving!


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