August: Don’t Go There

Seriously … just don’t.

August 7: Don’t Go in the House (1980) — Abused as a child by his sadistic mother, disturbed loner Donny unleashes his pent-up misogyny when mommy dearest passes away. Luring unsuspecting women to his home, Donny shackles his victims in a fireproof room, where they end up on the business end of a flamethrower.

August 14: Don’t Go in the Woods … Alone (1982) — Four young backpackers are stalked through the wilderness by a deranged, maniacal backwoods killer.

August 21: Don’t Go Near the Park (1981) — As punishment for cannibalizing their tribe’s children, two members of an ancient Neanderthal clan are cursed with aging for eternity but never dying. In an attempt to recapture their stolen youth, the pair now preys on the humans that visit the local park. Featuring scream queen Linnea Quigley!

August 28: Don’t Go in the Basement (a.k.a Don’t Look in the Basement) (1973) — Stephens Sanitarium is an experimental asylum for the criminally psychotic. On Nurse Beale’s first day of work, an axe-wielding lunatic murders the head doctor at the sanitarium, and the inmates take over the asylum…