April: Burt Reynolds

April is a celebration of the man, the myth, the mustache — Burt Reynolds.

4/3: Smokey and the Bandit (1977) — Burt Reynolds is a good ol’ boy who races cars and is on a mission to illegally transport some beer from Texas to Atlanta. Sheriff “Smokey” Justice (Jackie Gleason) follows in hot pursuit.

4/10: White Lightning (1973) — Burt Reynolds is a good ol’ boy who runs moonshine and squares off against his nemesis, a sheriff (Ned Beatty) who has as little regard for the law as Burt does.

4/17: Gator (1976) — Burt Reynolds reprises his role as Gator, an ex-criminal-turned-crime-fighter, in this sequel to White Lightning. This time around, he’s after a band of corrupt politicians.

4/24: The Longest Yard (1974) — Burt Reynolds is washed-up National Football League quarterback Paul “Wrecking” Crewe, who’s sent to jail and forced to put together an inmate gridiron team to take on a group of cocky prison guards. But when the warden tells Crewe to throw the game, the former pro must choose between himself and his team.


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