October: Disasters of Horror

When “Masters of Horror” make bad movies. C’mon, all of them screw up from time to time…

October 3: Diary of the Dead (2007): George Romero’s worst movie yet, though I haven’t seen Survival of the Dead. Absurdly heavy-handed social commentary and cliches abound. None of the characters are interesting or likable. There’s a good scene with an Amish man and a pitchfork, though, if I remember correctly.

October 10: Opera (1987): Dario Argento’s “cursed” film: during production Argento’s father died, Vanessa Redgrave dropped out of the project, and the cast and crew were plagued by minor accidents and mishaps. (Also, I hear it’s sort of terrible.) UPDATE: I finally got around to watching this movie (we skipped it at potluck) and, to my surprise, absolutely loved it. Beautifully shot in typical Argento fashion, and while the plot “twist” left a lot to be desired, I think this film has some of the most creative and gorgeous torture and deaths ever staged. (If I can say that without sounding like a total creep…)

October 17: Ghosts of Mars (2001): John Carpenter directs an action movie set on Mars. Starring Ice Cube and scored by Carpenter with a little help from Anthrax, this one has “potluck movie” written all over it.

October 24: Space Truckers (1997): Another space odyssey, this one by Stuart Gordon. In the year 2196, blue-collar freight pilot John Canyon (Dennis Hopper) takes a job transporting a secret cargo. When space pirates seize their ship, Canyon and crew discover the deadly nature of what they’re carrying. (I think it’s supposed to be a comedy. Looks pretty awful, though.)

October 31: Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth (1992): Clive Barker took a backseat role on this as producer, so maybe it’s not fair to attribute this disaster to him…but I think this may be the worst of the Hellraiser movies, and that includes the one that’s 80 percent flashback and 20 percent on a spaceship. I mean, this one has a Cenobite that shoots CDs. (Hey, it was 1992.) Has a bitchin’ soundtrack with a theme song by Motörhead.


One response to “October: Disasters of Horror

  1. This is a great idea for a theme. I’ve put Argento’s Giallo on my Netflix queue (which says “releases 10/19/10”) because I’ve heard it described as that magical combination “enjoyably bad”.

    For Carpenter, I gave up after In the Mouth of Madness but always wondered what came after.

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