September: I Want to Ride My Bicycle

In the Bay Area, summer doesn’t really arrive until September. And what says “summer” more than riding your bicycle? September features four killer movies about bikes.

September 5: BMX Bandits (1983) — Three BMX kids in Sydney go up against a group of incompetent bank robbers. Will this movie perhaps involve a lot of wacky chase scenes on bicycles? Features a sixteen-year-old Nicole Kidman, so be prepared for all kinds of inappropriate comments from the peanut gallery.

September 12: Rad (1986) — More excellent BMX action, including a memorable bike-dance scene at a high school prom. (Okay, that’s actually the only scene of this movie I’ve actually watched, but it was indeed rad. To the max.) Will our hero perhaps get the girl and win the big race?

September 19: Quicksilver (1986) — After losing everything in a bad trade, stock-market whiz Kevin Bacon quits Wall Street to become a bike messenger. Will he perhaps overcome the cultural barrier with his new colleagues by using his business skills to help them out? Also features Laurence Fishburne.

September 26: Breaking Away (1979) — After graduating from high school, Dave dreams of becoming a champion bicyclist. What will happen when he gets a chance to race against the Italian riders he worships? Will he perhaps learn something about life, love, and the value of true friendship?


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