June: When Animals Attack…with a Vengeance!

It’s time for the third installment of “When Animals Attack” month at potluck! (Check out previous posts here and here if you want to see what we’ve already watched.) The enemies this time: bees, cockroaches, worms, and slugs.

June 6: The Swarm (1978). An entomologist and his crack team of scientists attempt to intervene when swarms of voracious killer bees begin attacking a number of cities in Texas. Probably the most embarrassing film of Michael Caine’s career.

June 13: Bug (1975). Killer mutant cockroaches that can start fires! Wait, what? This was legendary horror producer William Castle’s final movie.

June 20: Squirm (1976). A lightning storm creates giant killer worms in a small Southern town.

June 27: Slugs (1987). Something wicked is afoot in a small New York town, where the locals are being devoured by common garden slugs. Best nitroglycerin-related greenhouse accident ever.


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