April: Almost a Martial Art

April features four movies containing the martial arts of Gymkata, Tae Bo, Capoeira, and Gun Kata.

April 4: Gymkata. Olympic medalist Kurt Thomas stars as Jonathon Cabot, a champion gymnast recruited to represent the United States in a brutal competition inside the borders of savage Parmistan, which has an abundance of well-placed parallel bars and pommel horses.

April 11: Back in Action. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is a hard-hearted cop whose partner was murdered by drug dealers. Billy “Inventor of Tae Bo” Blanks is a street tough and martial arts expert whose sister has fallen in with the same gang. Will they ever learn to overcome their differences and work together as a team???

April 18: Only the Strong. Special Forces officer Louis Stevens returns to his hometown of Miami, only to find his former high school overrun with gangbangers. Putting his Green Beret experience to use, he trains the 12 worst juvenile delinquents in the fine points of Capoeira. Soon, Stevens has a weapon to fight the narcotics kingpin; trouble is, the drug lord also happens to be an expert in — you guessed it — Capoeira.

April 25: Equilibrium. Dystopian future. Christian Bale. The important element of this movie is Gun Kata: memorizing and predicting movement and bullet trajectories to gain accuracy in a gun battle and avoid getting hit. Sweet!