March: Killer Cars on the Loose

I’ve been excited about this theme for months. So here’s March:

March 1: Maximum Overdrive (1986) — Cars come alive and seek revenge. Based on a Steven King story.
March 8: The Car (1977) — A mysterious car terrorizes small town, and only James Brolin can fight back.
March 15: Killdozer! (1974) — Made for TV movie based on a Theodore Sturgeon short story. The one and only movie about a killer bulldozer.
March 22: Christine (1983) — Another Steven King-inspired masterpiece about a boy and his creepy relationship with his car.
March 29: Blood Car (2007) — Probably way too good for a potluck movie, but everyone should see it. Awesome satire-horror film about a vegan kindergarten teacher who invents a car that runs on human blood.


One response to “March: Killer Cars on the Loose

  1. Some great movies in there. Maximum Overdrive is one of my favorites and Blood Car was funny as hell. I don’t know where I’ve seen The Car before but I know I have. Possibly at an after party for the film fest I went to last year.

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