My Bloody Valentine in THREE-EFFING-D

Holy crap I am excited about this. When I first heard they were doing a remake of My Bloody Valentine, I didn’t think too much about it. Another rehashing of a classic slasher movie, with all the camp taken out and a lot of drama added. Yawn. Then I found out it was going to be in 3-D, which significantly increased my interest. (Seriously, when was the last time there was a new horror movie released in 3-D?) But the trailer makes me think this actually might be…good.

2 responses to “My Bloody Valentine in THREE-EFFING-D

  1. I feel the same way. I really liked the original and I’d have zero interest if not for the 3-D addition. I’ve really never enjoyed remakes, so hopefully Last House will decide to follow suit. I’ll be the first in line with my 3-D glasses.

  2. I’m just hoping that the Last House remake will have a lot less of the uncomfortably long rape-and-murder scenes and a lot more of the sweet revenge scenes…

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