Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Film

We’re all too busy to write movie reviews right now, and so we didn’t make it in time to contribute to the Final Girl Film Club, which this month was reviewing Food of the Gods. Bummer.

Fortunately, you can just go read Stacie’s review, because it’s pretty much everything I would have said, but much funnier.

Except I probably would have talked a little more (and probably more seriously) about the fucked up animal abuse in this movie. As the fake plastic bugs and rooster heads give way to real rats being shot with red paint pellets and, later, actually drowned, the movie went from laughable to downright disturbing. Nate looked up the movie on IMDB afterward, and found a lively debate over just how much animal abuse took place during the filming of Food of the Gods. It seems likely that at least some were killed during the drowning sequence, and those rats sure as hell are in pain when they get shot. . .

Conclusion: perhaps not the best choice for a movie to watch at a vegan potluck.

P.S. “Food of the Gods”? More like “Splooge of the Gods.” (See above.)


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