Incubus was almost not worth mentioning here, except to note that William Shatner actually is a pretty good actor when he’s speaking in a made-up language he doesn’t understand.

There was some speculation about whether or not Shatner did, in fact, speak Esperanto fluently, and a heroic internet search led Nate to a William Shatner fan forum, where he posted a query to the group. Within a day, he got back the following message:

He mentions it in his autobiography. Page 90. Haven’t you read it yet…?

He’d been invited to an Italian Film festival where they were screening Incubus. He watched it with Italian subtitles six months after making the film and couldn’t understand a word.

DUH Nate, if you had taken the time to read the fucking autobiography, you wouldn’t be wasting these people’s time with your silly questions. Noob.


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