July: To Boldly Go…..

Every member of the original cast of Star Trek has been in a least a couple of random, terrible, and/or memorable movies. Some they may have been proud of, others embarassed by. This month we’re showing a selection of films starring your favorite SS Enterprise inhabitants.

July 6: Night of the Lepus (“Ladies and gentlemen, attention! There is a herd of killer rabbits headed this way!” —Deforest Kelly aka Dr. McCoy)

NOTE: No potluck dinner on July 6. (We’ll all be at the Limp Wrist show at Gilman…) Show up at 9:30pm for the movie. Bring snacks if you’d like.

July 13: Bugbuster (Killer cockroaches swarm a small lakeside community. Starring Randy Quaid, and featuring James Doohan [Scotty] and George Takei [Sulu].)

July 20: Incubus (William Shatner fights evil. Oh, did we mention the entire film is in Esperanto?)

July 27: Truck Turner (Classic 70’s blaxploitation film starring Yaphet Kotto and Issac “M-Fing” Hayes, featuring Nichelle Nichols [Uhura].)

truck turner


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