September: A Boy and His…

Five weeks of heartwarming and not-so-heartwarming tales of the friendship between a child and their nonhuman companion.

September 2: The Iron Giant (A modern classic about a little boy and the giant alien robot who loves him. Animated.)

September 9: Free Willy (Yes, you read that correctly. I know it sounds painful. I know. We’ll need all the bad jokes and raunchy humor we can to make this one bearable—no holds barred!)

September 16: Lilo and Stitch (Disney animated film about a disgusting alien menace and the little girl he befriends.)

September 23: Fido (After the great Zombie War, the United States has been thrown back into a 50s-era utopia, where zombies have been domesticated as servants, all the men smoke pipes, and all the women are happy housewives. But all that changes for Timmy and his mom as they come to learn the love of their loyal zombie, Fido. DO NOT MISS THIS!)

September 30: A Boy and His Dog (Crazy post-apocalyptic story based on a Harlan Ellison novel. Starring Don Johnson as a teenager! WARNING: themes of rape and sexual violence, this movie is pretty twisted. Check out the Wikipedia page here for a detailed plot synopsis.)