July: When Animals Attack!

What better theme for a vegan potluck / movie night? Five tales of animals getting their revenge, running amok, and generally just killing a lot of people.

July 1: Kingdom of the Spiders
Starring William Shatner!

July 8: Orca
Sort of like Moby Dick, but in reverse. Bo Derek’s first movie!

July 15: Frogs
Sam Elliott — sans mustache — fights off killer frogs and their amphibious brethren.

July 22: Day of the Animals
The depletion of the ozone layer somehow causes animals to begin attacking humans. Yep. Starring Leslie Nielsen!

July 29: Monkey Shines
George Romero directs a killer “helper monkey” who turns on the quadriplegic man she is supposed to assist.

June: Weird Science

Four classic science comedies from the ’80s!

June 3 – Real Genius
Best use of lasers to cook popcorn.
June 10 – Innerspace
Best use of miniature submarine to confirm pregnancy.
June 17 – Short Circuit
Best use of robots to re-enact Three Stooges routines.
June 24 – Weird Science
Best use of Oingo Boingo to write a theme song.